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The story about the name RED DOG

You probably wonder why the company is called RED DOG TOURS. Red Dog is the name for the Australian wild dog the Dingo and a Dingo has saved Iain's life many years ago. Let him tell you the story:

I was only 15 and working on a cattle station. It was a day like any other day in the middle of the summer, boiling hot (about 47°C in the shade) when I and my mates were going out on our motorbikes to muster some cattle. I was last and after a few hours ride my bike broke down. I did not know where I was, left my bike and started to walk back the tracks of my bike as my mates did go on doing their job thinking I went back to the station.

The Red Dog, Australia Outback Tours, Outback Australia Adventures, Outback Tours, Adventure Australia, Australia Tours, Red Centre, Ayers Rock, Kangaroo Island, Barossa Valley, Coober Pedy, Uluru, 4WD Tours, German GuideAfter a couple of hours walk I got disorientated, very thirsty and tired. In the Australian Outback one can only last a few hours without water when doing physical exercise. I realised that my life was in danger when I saw a Dingo looking at me standing on the next sand hill. As I had no idea what direction to go anyway I decided to follow the Red Dog who might lead me to water. The Dingo disappeared for a while but then I saw her again on the next sand hill glancing back at me with an expression I will never forget. It was like she wanted me to follow her. So I followed the Dingo for many hours who was always in good distance ahead of me. Just before dark I reached the camp of my fellow ringers who cooked up some steaks on the fire.

The Red Dog probably smelled the food and led me back to camp. I like to think though that she saved my life showing me the way back to my mates.

From that day on a Red Dog is for me a sign of life and security and when I thought about starting the tour company it was clear that it only could be called RED DOG.